Friday, August 31, 2018

Grow Something Wild & Unruly: The 11 Songs that Shaped Me

Baby Blue, George Straight 
As a small human, I would sing this to my dad over the phone while he was fighting in the Gulf War and Bosnian Conflict. This showed me a glimpse of how talents could be used to offer healing to another. 

Ave Verum Corpus, Mozart 
As a choir nerd, this tough piece quickly became one of my favorites as a teen who had just made the Texas All-State Choir. This song signifies the sweet fruit of focus and grit. 

Creep, RadioHead 
First off, this is the most fun song to do on Guitar Hero, and my little sister and I did so often. This song speaks to me about my occasional feelings of inadequacy. It speaks to how awkward I feel when my extrovert tongue gets the best of me in social settings. 

Cowboy Take Me Away, Dixie Chicks
Ironically enough, this spoke to my newfound independence as I drove to school without my parents with my sister. A true coming of age song, yeah? "I want to touch the earth, I want to grow something wild and unruly. I want to walk and not run, skip and not fall." #DixieChicksComeBackTour

Every Song She Sings, Mariah Carey
 "Fantasy", "Dream Lover", "Obsessed", "Touch My Body", have all taught me that it's ok to be sexy--even fun. Still today, I play her beats as I prep for a hot date. 

Hurt,  Jonny Cash
 As a goal addict/recovering workaholic, this song is a cautionary tale to me and is truly haunting to hear or watch. Achievement is not everything. Plus, it's insane that Cash (#theLegend) passed away so soon after this final song of his was recorded. 

Bach, Cello Suite No.1 
This tune rings of innovation to me. This is my creative process in song form. All that I feel while creating is summarized in this score. So--here is 10 hours of it, because that's how much you will want after you hear it once! 😄

Future Days, Pearl Jam 
This is mine and my husband's song. It spoons me and sounds like the sunrise. It is simultaneously challenging and comforting. It speaks to the beauty of fermented love that only partners who have been together a while obtain. And like a married couple, the instrumental part seems to evolve throughout the entire piece. I mean when the song begins with that soft piano I always think "Hold up--is this the right song?" Plus--Eddie Vedder's voice? I mean come on, pure butter! 

Teach Me How to Dougie, California Swag District
As a young professional, before kids, some friends and I spent a whole new year's eve party learning how to Dougie. This is one of my favorite memories, and I will forever annoy wedding DJs with this request. I was reminded as an over-stressed minister of the healing power of dancing and laughter. This song reminds me that adults can (and should) still make time for fun. 

How He Loves Us, David Crowder 
During my high-risk pregnancy, this was my mantra. I sang it every morning and when I first met Henley, the first words out of my mouth to her were this song. The imagery of "sinking in an ocean of God's grace" was just the comfort I needed. This song? Pure perfection.

Let It Go, Demi Lovato
I know, I know, I shouldn't, but I honestly prefer the Lovato version of this annoying earworm. Henley sings this nonstop, and as an uptight helicopter mom, I need this daily reminder of when to back off and let her speak/choose for herself. As the first song that Henley learned on her own, it taught me that this precious being that I helped to co-create has a voice of her own, and it’s adorable. #Differentiation

Have any of these songs touched your life in a similar way? What songs would be on your list as those that shaped you the most? Any song represent a milestone for you? Share in the comments below! 😊