This Fall, Miranda Priddy and I will be launching a podcast called, "The Listening Chair", with the Institute for Discipleship (IFD). We are interviewing people from all walks of life over their call stories--what led them to their current vocation. ✌💪😁💗👏

Miranda and I posing like a cool boy band.

What’s the IFD, you ask? Well, it is dedicated to providing Christian resources and education that build disciples and strengthen ministries. Being housed at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, we have many initiatives that assist persons in discovering and carrying out their vocational callings. This podcast is one of those initiatives.

Here we are interviewing the author, Danielle Shroyer. 
On this podcast stories of all ages, stages and skill sets will be shared. Guests will share on how they live into the calling of being a beloved child of God, and on how they live out of this love through their vocational calling. As one “sits” in the Listening Chair, we will be listening to him/her share on how he/she has listened to the holy hums of the Spirit over the years.

So if you are doubting what next steps to take towards a career, think you chose the "wrong" career, or are sick of people telling you that there is no money in that line work/ that the insurance plan would suck at that type of company/ or that that job does not exist, come on over and get cozy for a listen. Chances are their stories will help you in writing yours.