"I was so inspired and impressed with Meg's presentation over the Bluebonnet Child yesterday.  She is an incredible and beautiful person. We need more people like her in our nation!"

Nancy McDonald, Teacher of Mabank, Texas

"Hi Meg! I’ve been editing the interview with you and just love all the wisdom and solid advice you give. You are the most incredible children’s pastor I have ever talked with! So thorough in your approach. You are an inspiration to me."

Callie Grant, Founder of Graham Blanchard Publishing Co.

"Wow! This was a good book! She's a good writer, and I know good writing when I see it!"

Bishop Dick Wilke,
Author of "Disciple Bible Studies"

 "Hello, Meg - I attended the INCM webinar you led, and as a result, I ordered your book.  Today (Labor Day) I had the chance to sit on my deck and read it cover to cover.  THIS is the book I have been searching for.  THANK YOU so very much for putting together resources and stories in such a succinct and relatable way.  THANK YOU for saying yes to the Holy Spirit's urging to write.  You have given me such a gift today, and I wanted just to thank you for the time and effort you put forward, not only in writing your book, but in living out your ministry every day and for the encouragement you have given me in mine.  May God continue to bless you and the work of your hands.  Thank you."

Jill Winter, Children's Pastor

"This book club gave me a time to refresh and renew my thoughts.   I loved the videos on how our brain operates.  There were so many nuggets throughout each day that I have been able to remind myself to utilize especially on how to respond to the parents and the child.

I have also realized that the Bluebonnet Child book would be beneficial to offer to my volunteers and open it up to the congregation.   I am thinking of possibly offering a study during the summer.

Thank you, Meg! Thank you so much for your passion and commitment to the Bluebonnet Child.   I am so glad that I ran into you at the Children’s Conference in January.   I have been blessed by this book and book club."

Terri Hoye, Associate Pastor, Norcross FUMC, Norcross, Ga.

"The Bluebonnet Child is a vivid display of God's vision for our youth & their future through eternity! This speaks to our entire reason for this mission & responsibility."

Debi Clark,

''Anyone who has worked with children (or youth) will recognize exactly what Meggie Calvin means when she speaks of bluebonnet children, who like the bluebonnet can thrive in the poorest of conditions. But how do we influence children to become a bluebonnet? Through sharing personal experiences, quality research, and practical support, she proclaims hope in an otherwise overwhelming task. I heartily recommend it for pastors, teachers, youth, and children's workers.'' 

Ashlee Alley,
Clergy Recruitment and Development Coordinator, Great Plains United Methodist Conference

''Ministering to children who come from hurt places is not easy or often intuitive, but it is essential. In The Bluebonnet Child, Meggie Calvin faithfully walks through Scripture to reveal how to best embrace and serve children from hurt places. . . . I wish I had this book when we started! Calvin has provided a robust resource to empower the local church, ministry leaders, and families to reach children more effectively and with God-glorifying love.''

Matt Guevara,
Executive Director, International Network of Children's Ministry

"The Bluebonnet Child has captured the essence of how to support and nurture a child from "poor soil".  Meg inspires and challenges teachers and church workers to seek out ways to support children who need the church to take a more active role in their faith lives.  Her stories will leave the reader with a yearning to be aware, to advocate, and to articulate the needs of the bluebonnet child." 

Julie Wilke, K-7 SAGE Teacher, USD 465

"This book is a great resource for anyone working with children. Churches that are interested in beginning, and maintaining healthy children's ministry programs are provided with explicitly detailed questions in order to best prepare them for the unforeseen. This book is worded beautifully and inspires those that yearn to help these abused and neglected children. Meggie provides research from other professionals, while this book also flows like you are sitting and talking with her!" 

Sherry Pugmire, Circles Ministry

"Reading this book was a true eye-opener to the children we serve. The author's ability to captivate me with such a sensitive subject was intriguing and held my attention from beginning to end. Her true and honest nature was heartfelt and from it, I was able to draw a picture of what she had experienced. I love the way that she gave not only examples of different situations, she then also explained different scenarios in which to communicate with delicate children and parents. This book is definitely a keeper that I will reflect on often as it is a true gift to serve family and children as this author clearly does and though I do not have these situations every day I will have to utilize her words in my own sensitive situations when dealing with Bluebonnet children."

Chandra Snively, KidMin Teammate

"This a great book for those who work with children. It's helpful for those who work with them in a school setting, but also a church setting. It is a great resource with its tips that can be looked at again and again and plenty of highlighting material in this book."

Kelly Rowe, Trinity Lutheran School

"This book is a quick but informative read. There is a lot packed into the pages of this book. As a busy adult, I had time to read it and learned a lot. The author does a great job of sharing personal experiences with mixing in stats and other expert opinions into the pages so you get a nice mix. This will really make you think about the way you interact with those "troubled" children we all know."

Brittany Donley, Southwestern Collge