Top 6 Takeaways of My Hometown Conference

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A beloved tradition of mine is to venture to my hometown each summer and help at my mom’s conference. Know Your Impact is a cost-efficient and highly-equipping opportunity for educators of all settings.  In the above pic, the keynote speaker is presenting my mom with a gift of appreciation. What fun! 😁 From “Mrs. Beautiful […]

Aidy Bryant and Goals

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source  Back in 2012, Saturday Night Live was enhanced with the addition of Aidy Bryant. Through her roles as  Huckabee Sanders, a cop in Dyke & Fats , and of course–the many hilarious digital shorts, her values, writing, and acting have been “instrumental in shaping the new and distinctly feminine comedic sensibility” on the forty-plus-year-old show, as expressed […]

Birthday Wishes That Weren’t

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In my time on earth, I have wished upon 496 birthday candles. That’s right, I turn 32 soon.  As my birthday week (Yes, that is a thing.) grows near, it’s important to reflect on the many things that I have wished to be, yet have finally come to terms with the fact that I am […]

Tweets if I Were Not a Minister

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As one who serves in a small-town church, I often worry about sharing too transparently on social media. Will my jesting tone come off in this tweet? (Probably not.) Will I offend women with pixie cuts with this status? (6 of the 5 will take it the wrong way.) Will people change churches if they […]

Mindy, Monty, and Ministry: What Comedians Teach Us on Leadership

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While some watch sports or cooking shows, I am slightly (ok–very) obsessed with well-written comedies. So much so, that my friends threw me a shower that was themed Saturday Night Live. There was a “Mom Jeans” skit (written by the blogger, Leah Hartman) and more Chris Farley impersonations than one could imagine. My utmost respect […]